Recertification provides assurance to the public that the Certified Hand Therapist continues to meet the high standards set by HTCC. Recertification ensures that the CHT maintains clinical competence after initial certification. It is the personal responsibility of each CHT to maintain the credential by demonstrating current knowledge and skills. Each CHT must recertify every five years by attesting to continued competency obtained through practice and participating in ongoing professional development.

General Recertification Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for recertification the CHT must:

  1. Be a current Active or Inactive CHT in good standing.
  2. Hold a current professional credential to practice as an OT or PT

Recertification Options

There are two options for renewing the CHT credential if the general eligibility requirements have been met.

Military Extension Option

All deployed therapists will be given an automatic two-year extension for their recertification upon written request. 
 Spouses of deployed therapists will be considered for an extension on a case by case basis. Please contact HTCC to request the extension and provide a copy of your orders. You may make the request at any time during the recertification cycle and HTCC will attach it to your record, so that in the year recertification is due, two years will be added automatically. This allows a total of seven years for accrual of professional development hours for deployed personnel.

Alternatives to Recertification

Inactive Status

Inactive status is available for up to five years to CHTs who do not meet recertification requirements, do not want to take the exam, and do not want to lose their CHT status permanently. It must be renewed annually.

More Information

CHT Retired Designation

HTCC has established the designation, CHT Retired, to provide a mechanism for the continued recognition of retired CHTs after they have withdrawn from professional practice. The CHT Retired designation is intended to recognize CHTs’ years of service and commitment to excellence in upper limb patient care.

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