Inactive Status is available to CHTs who are due to recertify, but who do not have sufficient work or professional development hours to meet the requirements to recertify by professional development. It gives additional time to meet the recertification requirements without having to take the examination. Inactive status can be selected for one year at a time and be renewed for up to five years maximum.

Inactive Status Eligibility Requirements

  • To be eligible for Inactive Status, you must be a current Active CHT in good standing.
  • Applications for Inactive Status are only accepted at the time a CHT is due to recertify.
  • Inactive CHTs may renew their Inactive Status up to 5 years.

Work and Professional Development Requirements

No work or professional development hours are required if you plan to become Inactive.

Inactive Status Policies

If you are currently Inactive and wish to apply for Recertification, you must meet the general requirements. You may then recertify either by:

  1. Meeting work experience and professional development requirements for Recertification by Professional Development, or by
  2. Successfully retaking the CHT examination, (If you are unsuccessful in passing the CHT examination you will no longer have inactive status and the only option for regaining your CHT credential is to retake the examination and pass.)

General Policies:

  • The accrual cycle while on inactive status will begin January 1, five years prior and end on November 15 of the current year. All professional development and work hours must have been accrued during this five-year time frame.
  • Inactive Status must be renewed annually. If it is not renewed, certification will lapse.
  • Work hours and professional development hours can only be accrued in the most recent five years, and the accrual cycle advances one year each year that a CHT is Inactive.
  • A CHT may remain Inactive for up to five years.
  • A CHT may take the exam at any time it is offered to reactivate status.
  • An Inactive CHT will not be displayed in the HTCC online directory.
  • During the time of Inactive Status, therapists are not allowed to use the CHT credential. Therapists who use the CHT credential during an inactive period lose the right to reactivate their credential by any means (professional development activities or examination) for a period of 10 years.
  • The CHT must sign the application form, acknowledging the conditions of Inactive Status.
  • Inactive Status will take effect January 1.

Example of How Inactive Status Works:

  • A CHT is due for recertification but cannot meet the requirements and applies for Inactive Status, which becomes effective on January 1 of the next year.
  • Each year the CHT is Inactive, the accrual cycle for work and professional development activities advances one year.
Deadlines and Fees
December 31 Final application deadline for Inactive Status $100

To apply for Inactive Status log into “For CHTs” and click on “Inactive Status Application”