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2021 Exams
April 26 - May 15 
November 1 - 6



Application Deadlines: April 15th for the May exam and October 15th for the November exam.
In Memoriam Tributes
Tributes to Linda Renee Botten

There is a quote from Wilfred T Greenfell that goes something like this -True joy is not found in ease or wealth or the praise of others but in doing something worthwhile. If this is indeed true, Linda Botten was one of the most joyful individuals who has ever lived. She did so much that was worthwhile. She created learning opportunities in modalities for therapists in rural areas of Montana who might not otherwise have access to this information.In California, she was active in workers compensation legislation and a strong advocate for ensuring quality standards for OTs working in hands. In doing so, she was not only an advocate for all of us as therapists, but for all of us who have loved ones who require the services of a hand therapist. The impact of her many worthwhile efforts will continue to benefit us all.

Tribute by: Sue Hammerich, Carnahan Therapy, Lompoc Ca