Let us promote your continuing education listing on the HTCC website. CE listings are reserved for content related to the upper extremity only.

You may now purchase a website banner advertisement or an enhanced listing for your Continuing Education listings on HTCC's website. (Enhancement of listings can also be done with current listings.)

We have improved your ability to list your continuing education opportunities. If you have multiple courses there is now a feature that allows you to copy an existing posting and then make minor changes to that new posting. And as always, basic continuing education listings are free of charge as a service to our community.

Create your free account to create and list the basic and/or enhanced continuing education listings. (All listings require an account)

If you wish to purchase a banner advertisement or to enhance your existing listing, you will make the selection before submitting your listing. You can always come back later and enhance a regular listing.

Banner Ads
The price of a banner advertisement is $650 for three months. The advertisement will be listed at the top of the webpage on all pages of the Continuing Education section. If there are multiple ads, they will be rotated every 15 seconds.

  • Banner ad dimensions are 885 pixels wide x 215 pixels high (12.3 inches wide x 2.98 inches high). HTCC may alter your banner slightly before approving the ad. The banners will have a side bar that states they are a 'Paid Advertisement'.

Enhanced Listings
The price of an enhanced continuing education listing is $100 for the first listing and $50 for each additional listing for a period of one year.

  • Logos for enhanced continuing education listing should be no smaller than 65 pixels high x 92 pixels wide.

View a sample of a banner advertisement and enhanced listing.

Please contact the HTCC office if you have any difficulties with the listing, or if you encounter an error message. We can either help you with the listing or we will have our web team work on the issue.